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“Mona and Shari were the seller's Realtors when we purchased our house in 2015, and we were so impressed with them during that process that we reached out when it was time for us to sell. We listed the house at a volatile time in the real estate market, and we were concerned because several houses on our street had been on the market for weeks without any movement. But we trusted in Mona and Shari's expertise to price and market our house in the best way. And sure enough, they priced it exactly right - we accepted a full-price offer just days after listing our house.

“Mona and Shari were so wonderful to work with throughout the process. They were very thoughtful in navigating the changing market and always honest with us about what we could expect. Their communication was excellent - they were easy to get a hold of and very responsive to our messages. When our lawyer found out which agents we were using, he called Mona and Shari ‘Brookline Real Estate Royalty,’ and he was exactly right! We highly recommend Mona and Shari to anyone looking to buy or sell a house in Brookline."

-- Sara O. and Russ C., August 2022

“Mona and Shari Wiener were our brokers for our recent home sale in Brookline. They came highly recommended to us by a good friend, who told us unequivocally, ‘They are the best, use no one else!’ and he was right. Mona and Shari bring an incredible breadth of experience to their work. They know everything there is to know about the Brookline housing market. They gave us great advice about what we needed to do to get our home ready to put on the market. They have great connections and contacts, and everyone we contacted got right back to us when we used their names and they all did excellent work. The stager they referred us to was fabulous and they all worked seamlessly together, so I always felt I had a strong team behind me. 

“Mona and Shari are both warm, down to earth and practical, with good senses of humor. They brought a calm, steady, reassurance to the entire process. I always felt like they had our best interests at heart. Mona and Shari have very strong relationships with other brokers and potential buyers, and incredible instincts about timing, pricing, and showing. Together they made a wonderful team. We were very happy with the final results and would use them again in a heartbeat!”

-- Joan and Frank, December 2021

“Mona and Shari are the most knowledgeable, experienced, and respected real estate agents in Brookline. In Brookline’s highly competitive market having the best real estate agent makes all the difference. As buyers, Mona and Shari helped us get our dream home in a very competitive market. They always had our best interest in mind and only let us buy a house that not only we love but would also be a good long-term investment. As sellers, Mona and Shari made the process incredibly seamless and fast. Selling a house can be a stressful and uncertain process, but with Mona and Shari we always felt we are in the best hands possible and couldn’t be happier with the outcome of both the selling and buying process. No wonder everyone in Brookline trusts and respects them.”

-- A. K., May 2021

"It could have been a very difficult thing -- learning about Brookline and seeing houses in a narrow available window of time, managing the offer and closing process from the other side of the country.

"You have been great sources of support, cheer, and information throughout this process. Working with you gave us the confidence to make decisions and the boots on the ground to get them done!”

-- C. H., May 2021

“We had no idea about how to sell a home - from price setting, assessing repairs, and staging (house, yard, and even flowers!) to attracting interested buyers, ensuring compliance to regulations, traversing legalities, and simple buyer-owner etiquette. In addition, our jobs simply did not give us the time to handle the selling of our home. Mona and Shari handled everything, even the unexpected and, ultimately, everything went better than anyone could have expected... even during the pandemic. 

“Thus, we recommend Mona and Shari unconditionally and would return to them if ever we were to find ourselves in a similar situation."

-- W. C. and C. G., January 2021

“After raising 4 children in our Brookline home, my wife and I decided it was time for us to downsize.  Having been out of the real estate market for the past 26 years, we were looking for expert help to guide us through this difficult and emotional process.  We contacted four of the top Realtors based on recent sales to present us with proposals for marketing our property, and ended up selecting Mona and Shari Weiner of Hammond Residential to represent us.  We could not have made a better choice!

“Mona and Shari had the experience and historical knowledge of the marketplace to tell us everything we needed to know about how to sell our home for the highest price in the shortest amount of time.  A lot has changed since we bought our home, and Mona and Shari educated us on current trends among those buying homes today.  Selling a home is about more than just pricing. We were advised on the various phases of preparing our home for sale: Decluttering, cosmetic repairs, staging, etc.  

“Not only were these steps suggested, we were told how to complete them. Since going through 26 years’ worth of memories and accumulations can be daunting, Mona and Shari recommended top notch professionals in each area to help us if we felt like we couldn’t do it alone.
“Of course, pricing a home properly for sale is critical and Mona and Shari came with exceptional knowledge of the current marketplace, including detailed comparisons.  They didn’t try to dazzle us with outlandish price estimates but provided a reasoned and well thought out pricing strategy based on the current market, to maximize foot traffic in order to find the right buyers.  

“Everything they told us was spot on!

“The best part about working with them was that their services didn’t end upon signing the P&S.  There are many unknown steps in getting to closing and Mona and Shari were there all along the way.  They set up appointments for the building inspection, the pest inspection, water meter readings, smoke detector inspections, etc.  They were organized, efficient and prompt, and relieved us of the burden of having to deal with many of these hassles.  They also seemed well-connected to make each step go smoothly.  When glitches did pop up (as they often do) Mona and Shari were calm, reassuring and extremely insightful in how best to deal with the stumbling point. 

“In the end, we sold our home quickly, at an excellent price and closed uneventfully at a convenient time for us.  Mona and Shari were the perfect pair to represent us and we highly recommend them to anyone selling their home.”

-- Michael G., October 2019

“I want to thank you ever so much for your help with the sale of my condo.

“Even though we only met once, I felt so comfortable and confident with you both as my agents. You understood I had already moved on from the condo and was interested in just moving forward with a sale.

“Your staging recommendation was spot on and I have no doubt that was a big lure for the condo, because as we know there is a large fee and the absence of washer/dryer working against it.

“Thank you for your help securing the offer and coaching me about how to proceed. The closing process was a bit tricky with the lender issue, the on-going assessments, etc. I am so grateful to have had agents who are so well known in the Brookline real estate community. I know that made a big difference and it also helped set my mind at ease.

“Thank you, I am very grateful to have made it past the closing and I know it couldn't have been done without you both.”

-- Hannah B., September 2018


“On the basis of our recent experience with Mona Wiener as our real estate broker in the sale of our house, we are delighted to wholeheartedly recommend her to others.

“She is knowledgeable, attentive and extremely helpful. She gave us timely and excellent advice at every step throughout the process. It went smoothly and successfully. She was a pleasure to work with.”

-- Paul and Judy K., February 2018

“It was great to work with Mona and Shari, in every aspect of our home sale project. They are true advisors, from pricing the house right, to thoroughly navigating the agreement details.

“Each phase of the process was handled with professionalism and talent:

  • during the viewing phase they constantly created demand and had potential buyers coming to see the house.
  • at the negotiation phase they acted upon what was right for us and respected our position without putting pressure.
  • they also took very good care of the logistics and details related to the final stage of the closing. The closing was smooth and swift -- to the satisfaction of both sides.

“Mona and Shari, as a team, were always available even when away on personal time.

“To us they were more than our brokers on the deal, they were true partners.”

-- Michelle, January 2018

“We enthusiastically recommend Mona and Shari Wiener as real estate brokers if you are considering putting your home up for sale.  We had a universally positive experience this spring with Mona and Shari as our listing brokers.

“Mona and Shari came highly recommended, and we immediately felt comfortable with their approach to marketing our home.  Their photos really showcased our home, and they gave us sound advice about when to list the house for sale.  With Mona and Shari’s sound marketing through Hammond, we immediately had significant interest.  Within 48 hours of our first open house (and less than a week on the market), we had several offers to purchase.

“Mona and Shari continued to be incredibly helpful throughout the entire selling process.  They worked seamlessly with the buyer’s broker so that details and negotiations went smoothly.  We had already relocated, and it was immensely helpful that Mona or Shari were always willing to be at the house to meet repair people and smoke detector installers and inspectors so that the sale could proceed in a timely manner.

“Overall, we were impressed with Mona and Shari’s professionalism throughout the marketing and selling of our home.  Choosing a skilled listing broker is undoubtedly the most important decision that you make once you have decided to sell your home.  We are convinced that we made the right choice listing our home with Mona and Shari Wiener, and we wholeheartedly suggest that you make the same choice!”

-- Erica S. and David C., August 2017

“We had a very good experience working with Mona and Shari in selling our family home in Fisher Hill. Most particularly, we felt that Mona had a better understanding of the Brookline market and pricing than other Realtors we interviewed.

“Originally we had assumed we would choose the Realtor who had originally handled the sale of our house when we bought it.  We were impressed by that Realtor's experience and longevity.  Upon meeting Mona, though, we felt she was better positioned.  Most particularly, we came to feel that Mona had a more nuanced understanding of the neighborhoods of Brookline, their characteristics and potential buyers and it felt like Mona understood those differences more clearly than other Realtors we interviewed.

“Ultimately the proof is in the pudding and for us, with Mona and Shari's help, we agreed on an offer within a few days of listing right at the price Mona had suggested.  In addition to knowledge and pricing, we found Mona and Shari to be responsive, punctual and professional.  They kept us on deadline when necessary and always held up their end of the process.”

-- Fiona and Josh B., February 2017

“Mona would be a fantastic agent for anyone looking to buy or sell in Brookline. Her knowledge of the housing market here is unmatched. She had the perfect instincts for pricing, staging, and showing our house, and her strong relationships with other agents and potential buyers made the whole process go incredibly smoothly. Most importantly, she is a joy to work with, bringing a down-to-earth sensibility to the negotiation process that seemed to put everyone involved at ease. Having bought and sold three houses in the Boston area there is no one we would recommend more highly.”

-- Charles and Andrea C., February 2015

“It is my pleasure to recommend Mona Wiener and her daughter Shari. I found them to be superlative real estate agents.

“Last March I engaged Mona to sell my mother’s home in Brookline. I selected Mona after interviewing a number of very qualified brokers. She stood out as the best. 

“She handled the engagement flawlessly. She advised me about preparation for sale, the need to price the property properly, and all aspects of the real estate sales process.  She and Shari were fully engaged for three months - from the time I hired them until the closing. Ultimately the house sold well above the asking price. 

“I highly recommend Mona and Shari -- they are consummate professionals.”

-- Peter Z., January 2015

“Mona, I am very happy to be able to write this letter of reference in support of your work as a real estate agent in Brookline. Contracting with you as my representative on the sale of my home was one of the wisest decisions that I made in 2014. You and your colleague, Shari, were extraordinarily helpful to me in every aspect of what can be a very challenging ordeal. In the face of my foot-dragging, you gently urged me to seize the right moment for placing my home up for sale. In reaction to a slow-moving market, you wisely advised me to make a difficult price adjustment -- which in retrospect was absolutely the right thing to do. Your input was also invaluable during the post-offer phase, when all manner of difficulties arose with various details of the transaction. I don't know what I would have done without you. You earned every cent of your commission.

“So, I feel confident saying that whoever has the good fortune to secure your services in the future -- they will not regret having done so.”

-- Glenn L., January 2015

“It is my pleasure to write Mona Wiener the strongest possible reference as the best real estate agent in all of Brookline.

“We have known Mona for over seven years now. We bought a condo in the Cottage Farm area in November 2005 and came to know Mona as a seller’s agent. She was warm but laid-back, knowledgeable but non-assuming, and so helpful that we actually ended up seeking advice and help more from her than from our own agent after the sale.

“Mona is an iconic figure in Brookline real estate and she commands tremendous resources and knowledge about its market. This became evident even more, as over a three-year period during which our family began to grow, Mona relentlessly helped us find our dream house, which we eventually bought on Monmouth Street, around the corner from Colchester Street. She understood us extremely well and knew what kind of houses we were looking for.

“Then came the moment, after moved into our newly-renovated house on Monmouth, we would need to sell our original condo, unfortunately at the worst possible time at the bottom of the market in the summer of 2010. Thanks to Mona and her astute sense of the market and more importantly its potential buyers, we sold the place over one weekend for a price higher than what we paid for at the peak of the market back in 2005!

“We cannot simply imagine a better real estate agent than Mona. When one of our friends needed to buy a house in Brookline last summer, we naturally referred him to her. Again, she delivered a perfect purchase for his family.

“We would recommend Mona most highly for any real estate transaction in Brookline and we simply feel very fortunate that we stumbled upon her more than seven years ago.”

-- L. Guo and Trudy P., January 2013